Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality training


Virtual reality and mixed reality have taken a huge step forward in the space of few months. It is about to become our daily lives. Do not despise these new technologies! Come and try it, to understand how it works, to create content in order to see its environment as well as its evolution ! is the first media about VR & AR in France with more than 600 000 Unique Visitors / month.


Practical informations

Goal ? To get acquainted with virtual, augmented and mixed reality and to reveal the stakes and the possibilities of these new technologies.

Who is concerned ? Marketing clusters, communication, developers and project managers. No need to have development technical skills

Number of persons / training : from 6 to 12 people max

Time :From 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Place : Paris in the 10th arrondissement

Dates : Contact Us !
Prices : €1,200 excluding tax / pers

Group rate : Starting from 6 persons: Contact Us

Included : Breakfast, lunch and snack

As a gift : a PDF recap with slides

Demos : About 30% of the time is given to the headsets test (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Epson BT-300 glasses (starting from mid-October), Hololens, Cardboards), to connected devices as well as the discovery through experiences.

Tutors : Two 3D expert trainers, natural user interfaces – NUI, UWP, Microsoft Regional Director

Financing arrangements : This formation can be financed by the OPCA (Agefos, FAFIEC, Opcalia …) of your company or by the Fongecif in your area. It can also be followed as part of the DIF, CIF, or a professionalization period.

Would you want to make a reservation for this formation ?

Email : agence(arobase)



1. Introduction : new realities

– Fashionable realities : MR, VR, AR
– Technologies which are inherent in the virtual reality
   . Retina screens
   . Gyroscope, infrared sensors
   . Raw power

– Review of the virtual reality uses
– The devices  from today and  in the future
– VR and AR are doomed to merge as « Mixed Reality »
– Market Trends at the end of 2016 : a market which is (almost) mature
– The mix of technologies : VR, IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

2. Case studies

– Concrete uses today as of now

– Virtual Reality and Games : Evolution or Revolution?

   . Room Scale, Chair-Scale

– Cinema: think about the staging (Samsung Gear Demo)

   . The entertainment system revival on the plane

– Teaching : from the virtual laboratories to the immersive documentary (Hololens Demo)

– Prototyping : design without breaking ! (Demo Hololens)

– Commerce, e-commerce and v-commerce

– Tourism : to prepare and to experience again our journey (Hololens Demo)

3. Creation of VR experiences

– The process of creating experience, from the sketching to the deliverable

– The image, the video, the 3D: how to integrate your visual content

– Camera : the user’s point of view, the real-time 3D

– The binaural beat :  a complete immersion

– To avoid cognitive dissonance

– The tools provided for developers

4. End of the day, products tests, free time and discussion

Contact – Questions and reservations

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